Safe/hygienic, light and soft antibacterial silk eyelashes.

There are several germs around us that can’t be avoided even with extra care. Our eyes get very sensitive after getting eyelash extensions.
Many people find it hard to wash their faces thoroughly while keeping their eyelash extensions. As a result, they are at risk of multiplying germs around the eye area. Keeping our eyelashes clean and protecting against eye infections are challenges that we tried to seek.
Some eyelash extensions are sterilized and coated on immediately after they are made and before packaging. However, this doesn’t protect the products from germ growth after the opening of the package.
We introduce to you “Antibacterial eyelashes.” They are bacteria-free and will protect your eyes from the time you have them on until they fall off.

Antibacterial materials approved by Japan’s inspection agency.

Antibacterial Eyelashes Silk J-Curl


Antibacterial Eyelashes Silk C-Curl